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What is Plevin?

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The Plevin ruling has made a huge difference to the way people can make a claim if they’ve been mis-sold PPI. As a result of the ruling, people are able to claim because of unfair commissions paid by lenders.

Who is Plevin?

Susan Plevin took legal action against Paragon Personal Finance Ltd after she had PPI added to a loan. The retired lecturer found that 71.8 percent of the PPI premium was taken as commission.

Susan argued that the failure to disclose this amounted to an unfair contractual relationship. Furthermore, she argued that the premium should be returned. 

In 2014, the case against Paragon Personal Finance Ltd was heard by the Supreme Court. The court ruled that the PPI seller failed to disclose that it had received a large commission from the product provider. This amounted to an unfair relationship under the 1974 Consumer Credit Act.


How does this change my claim?

Industry watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), stated that if an introducer received more than 50 percent commission, that would be classed as unfair.

Many brokers and lenders paid large commissions. If you have already claimed for PPI compensation, either successfully or unsuccessfully, this could certainly give you another avenue to pursue a claim.

In response, the FCA has also called for firms that sold PPI to customers to proactively contact previously unsuccessful complainants. This is to inform them that they may be eligible to complain under the new rules.


Plevin timeline

March 2017 – Regulator tells banks to start preparing for Plevin complaint rules. Experts are also put in place to assist.

29th August 2017 – Banks must consider a straightforward Plevin complaint case from consumers. The FCA announced the PPI claims deadline of 29th August 2019.

Aug-Nov 2017 – Banks issued letters to the 1.2 million people previously rejected for a PPI mis-selling complaint. This letter explained the ruling and the claim process.

29th November 2017 – By this date, all people who may be entitled to claim under the Plevin rule should have finally received information.


If you believe that you could be entitled to a payout as a result of mis-sold PPI, get in touch. Our team can offer advice on the next steps to take.