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Pensions & Investments

Were you persuaded to move your pension and lost money as a result? You could be eligible for compensation.

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PPI+ can help you reclaim the secret commissions between lenders and brokers, these could apply if you’ve taken out PPI on a credit agreement like a loan or mortgage.

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Undisclosed Commission

Undisclosed Commission means that your credit agreement could be unfair and ultimately unwound to return many thousands of pounds to you.

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Professional Negligence

Professional negligence within the legal sector can have devastating consequences, particularly when it involves the mishandling of Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs).

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Have you been ‘mis-sold’ or been part of a ‘unfair-relationship’?

If you have invested your pension pot into a new scheme that turned out to be high risk and you’re now suffering as a result, or even if you haven’t yet lost money but you suspect something isn’t quite right, you may have been mis-sold.

If it can be demonstrated that the relationship between you and the finance professional is unfair, then the courts and the regulators have a wide range of powers available to put it right.

How to tell if you’ve been mis-sold:

  • Pressure Selling – Did you feel pressured into doing something you didn’t want or need? Whether that was into investing your pension into something that felt to good to be true or taking an insurance policy you really didn’t want, need or understand.
  • Unsuitable Products – Were you advised to transfer your existing private pension fund to a new, higher return scheme even though it wasn’t suitable for your needs?
  • Unexplained Fees -Were there any surprise fees, additional costs or commission payments attached to the product that you weren’t made aware of from the start?
  • Unexplained Risks – Were there certain risks attached that you were not informed of when you agreed? Did you feel like the risks explained didn’t stack up? Did your advisor not tell you how your money would be invested?
  • Breach of Trust – Did Your lender retain commission on any product sold without telling you? Did you trust your advisor or your broker to have your best interests at heart when in truth you were just a means to a pay day?
  • Lost funds -Have you made significant losses or can’t access your capital as a result of any of the above issues?



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