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RBS PPI reclaim process named the worst by customers

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RBS, or the Royal Bank of Scotland has been named as the worst bank at handling payment protection insurance (PPI) claims. Customers named the RBS PPI reclaim process the worst.

RBS PPI claims

A new survey of 609 people revealed banks in the Edinburgh-based RBS group were the most difficult to deal with when making PPI mis-selling claims.

Almost one in four people said they found the process difficult, according to the research by consumer group Which?

Who else made it difficult to reclaim PPI?

While RBS PPI claims were named the worst, other banks did not offer a simple process.

Britain’s biggest building society, Nationwide, was voted second worst for handling PPI claims. 19 percent of people described their experience with the group as challenging.

Lloyds Banking Group closely followed, with 18 percent of people reported having a similar experience.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Lloyds Banking Group were potentially deterring claimants by issuing demanding questionnaires requesting historical data. The bank also gave an ‘unrealistic’ 14-day deadline for people to return the forms.

Which? revealed that claimants were left feeling ‘frustrated and discouraged’ after being issued with the 12-page questionnaires.

Meanwhile, HSBC was reported as having the most satisfying PPI claims service. Nearly 2 in 3 people described the bank’s claims process as straight-forward. 56 percent of people also reported having an easy experience making a claim with Barclays.

Making a PPI claim

Figures released by the FCA showed that, since January this year, banks have paid an average of £391.8million of compensation each month. There could be millions more, if not billions, of pounds left to claim.

As you can see, making a claim is not always a straightforward process.

What’s more, PPI might not be the only compensation you’re owed. It’s likely your broker or lender took a large commission as part of your PPI premium, without your knowledge or consent. As a result, you can get additional compensation for this. Find out why here.

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