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Plevin: Can I claim again if my PPI claim was successful?

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If you’ve had a successful PPI claim in the past, it may not be the end for a potential payout. Following a landmark case, Plevin vs Paragon Personal Finance Ltd, you could be due further compensation. Here’s how the rule could apply to your PPI complaint.


What is Plevin?

Plevin is a legal case that looks at the commission paid on a PPI premium. Disproportionate amounts of commission made up a large amount of the premium.

Susan Plevin took legal action against lenders after discovering that 71.8 percent of her PPI premium was taken as commission. She argued that this amounted to an unfair relationship and she should be compensated the premium and interest.

The Supreme Court ruled in the claimant’s favour. This case allows other borrowers fresh grounds for complaint.


Can I claim under the Plevin rule?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) state that commissions over 50 percent  are unfair. Even if your PPI was not mis-sold, you may still be entitled to compensation if your lender took an unfair level of commission.

If you’ve not yet made a PPI complaint, the Plevin rule may strengthen your case. Sales advisors who did not make you aware of the premium had a lot to gain from selling the financial product. The financial gain is a key reason PPI was initially mis-sold, and high commission was likely a motivator in this.


I have already claimed for PPI

Even if you have claimed for PPI, successful or otherwise, Plevin allows you to make a new complaint. The fresh grounds for complaint is on the level of commission, not whether the product was mis-sold.

Check your loan paperwork to find out how much of the PPI premium was taken as commission. If you can’t locate the paperwork, contact your bank and they will tell you.


If you think you may have a claim under the Plevin rule, get in touch with our experienced team of solicitors today.