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Shawbrook PPI Claims

Shawbrook is a specialist savings and lending bank, offering loans, residential and commercial mortgages, business finance, and savings products.

You might have taken out a personal loan, car loan, wedding loan, home improvement loan, second charge mortgage or other credit agreement with Shawbrook.

If you took out a loan or mortgage with Shawbrook it is likely that you were sold PPI or other insurance products alongside your loan.

If you were sold PPI you might be eligible for PPI+ compensation because Shawbrook formed an unfair contractual relationship with you. You can seek redress for this even if you’ve already made a PPI claim against Shawbrook.

Plevin vs Paragon

For years we have been hearing about the mis-selling of PPI on loans, credit cards and mortgages, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) recently launched a deadline of 29th August 2019 for PPI mis-selling claims to be made.

In 2014 a new type of PPI mis-selling emerged: Unfair Contractual Relationships, also known as Plevin.

What is a Plevin case?

Susan Plevin is a retired college lecturer who took legal action against Paragon Personal Finance after she had PPI added to a loan.

During her claim for mis-sold PPI, she also discovered that 71.8 percent of her PPI premium was taken as commission by the PPI provider, Paragon’s credit broker and Paragon itself. Susan Plevin argued that Paragon’s failure to disclose this commission amounted to an unfair contractual relationship and therefore she should be eligible for significant levels of compensation. The Supreme Court ruled in Plevin’s favour.

The FCA subsequently published guidance that if a lender or broker paid commission that amounted to over 50 percent of a PPI premium, this would constitute an unfair contractual relationship.


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pelvin claim

Are you eligible to make
a Plevin claim?

You might be eligible to make a plevin claim if any of the below applies to you, even if you have already claimed PPI or had a PPI claim dismissed:

  • High Commission Levels
    Is your provider, broker or finance company earning more than a 50% commission on your PPI policy sale?
  • Undisclosed Commission
    Were you unaware of the commission being paid on your policy at the time of purchase, even if you were aware of the PPI itself?

If any of these scenarios ring true then you might have a similar case to Susan Plevin and could be eligible to make a claim. Get in touch via our contact form or give our qualified solicitors a call to tell us more about your situation and get legal support.