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How long does a pension complaint take?

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If you’ve started your mis-sold pension complaint, you may be unsure of how long it will be before you receive a decision. We’re here to cover the timeline, and why an end date for some decisions can’t be set in stone.

Complaining directly to the company

The company that the complaint is against will receive the initial complaint directly. After receiving it, they will have up to eight weeks to provide a final response.

If the complaint is accepted, the firm will provide details of how compensation will be awarded. The timescale will then depend on the company’s in-house procedures.

Complaining to the Financial Ombudsman Service

If the complaint is rejected by the firm, you are unsatisfied with a decision, or we do not receive a response within eight weeks, we will then complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).

After receiving the complaint, the FOS will provide an acknowledgement within two weeks.

However, due to the FOS’ limited resources, it can take up to five months for your case to be assigned to a case handler. Some more complex cases may take up to eight months.
After you receive a case handler, an answer to your complaint should be received within 90 days.

If you’re happy with the FOS’ decision, the process for compensation will then begin, with the timescale referring to the company’s in-house procedures.

Taking it to the courts

If you’re unhappy with the Ombudsman’s decision, we can take your case to the courts, which has an uncertain timescale – the average case can take months from preparation to a decision.

In some cases, such as Berkeley Burke, these can go on for years as they are out of the hands of the complainant. Defendants can also appeal cases, which will see the trial go on for longer.

Each case is unique, which is why we have regular contact with our clients to ensure they’re kept up to date on their case. Get in touch to see how we can support you with your claim.