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Five reasons a solicitor should handle your mis-sold financial claim

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Mis-selling means that you were given unsuitable advice, the risks were not explained to you or you were not given the information you needed and ended up with a product that isn’t right for you.

This could apply to a range of financial products, including Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), mortgages or a self-invested personal pension.

If you believe you could have been mis-sold a financial product then a qualified solicitor can ensure you get the maximum compensation possible for your circumstances.

Complex process

Making a claim for financial mis-selling can seem daunting. There are a number of things that can complicate a claim:

  • You might need to prove an unfair contractual relationship
  • You might need to prove you were badly advised by a broker, introducer, financial advisor or lender. The firm that advised you might have gone bust
  • You will need to ensure documents are completed and submitted to the correct people at the correct times

Solicitors specialising in financial mis-selling are experts in these processes and can ensure you don’t lose out because of the complexities involved.

Court challenges

Complaints can be taken to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) or the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) depending on whether the firm that advised you is still operating.

However, in some cases, litigating in the courts will be the best option to provide redress. A solicitor will be able to advise you on the best option for your case, and litigate on your behalf if court proceedings are required.

Investigate all avenues

Using an experienced, financial mis-selling solicitor means you can be sure all avenues to secure compensation have been investigated.

Solicitors can manage your claim from initial contact all the way to court proceedings, if these are necessary. So you won’t need to be passed from one company to another.

You can also be secure in the knowledge that a solicitor is pursuing the best avenue to get you the largest possible payout.

Trust and confidence

Using a qualified solicitor regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority to manage your compensation claim gives you the peace of mind that your claim is being managed by a professional who will ensure you get all compensation owed to you.

No win, no fee

Our expert legal team operate on a no win, no fee basis. So you can access our support and guidance safe in the knowledge that you won’t incur any fees unless we successfully gain compensation for you.

If you believe you’ve been mis-sold a financial product, get in touch with our experienced legal experts for advice and support.