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Did Fast Pensions Ltd offer you a free pension review?

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Millions of pounds were lost after people invested following a pension review from Fast Pensions Ltd. If you were affected, we urge you to seek advice.

Fast Pensions advice

Cold callers got in touch with people and offered a free pension review. These cold callers are typically unqualified to offer pension advice. More often that not, they are simply reading a script designed to draw people in.

After being offered a review of their pension pot’s performance, people were told that they did not have enough saved for retirement. In many cases, this was untrue and used to scare people into transferring their pension.

Fast Pensions victims were then passed on to a financial adviser, who encouraged them to invest in unsuitable and unregulated schemes. These were passed off as low risk with promises of high returns.

People entrusted Fast Pensions with their pension pot, putting their life savings at risk in the process. Unregulated schemes including forestry, storage pods and overseas property were just a few of the investments on offer.

Fast Pensions losses

Fast Pensions convinced more than 500 people to invest in a number of schemes totalling more than £21 million.

Victims of the scam stated that they were unaware of the real nature of the investments their pension pots were transferred into. The expectations of high returns were never met and for many, it seemed like it was too late when they realised they had been duped.

Following an investigation from the Insolvency Services, the firm was placed into liquidation from a High Court order.

We represent thousands of people who were convinced to invest in an unsuitable scheme following a free pension review.

If you accepted a free pension review that resulted in a pension transfer, get in touch. Our team of experts can offer you support and advice.