APJ’s Operational Response to Covid-19 – Updated 12th May 2020

APJ are, first and foremost, focused on protecting the safety and wellbeing of our clients, colleagues and the wider community, whilst ensuring it maintains its ability to provide a high quality of service to clients during this difficult time.

APJ has a designated Covid-19 team, where its Directors and Departmental Managers from across the firm meet regularly, monitoring information from the authorities alongside the most recent government guidance in respect of the Covid-19. This enables APJ to ensure that it has sufficient strategies in place to continue providing its clients with support during the progression of their cases.

APJ’s colleagues are continuing to work remotely to ensure that there is no disruption for its clients. The offices shall remain closed to visitors until further notice, as we wish to keep face-to-face contact to a minimum.

Deadlines and Court Dates:

We shall work to identify any upcoming deadlines, including court dates, which may be affected. Any variations to court dates and directions will be communicated directly to our clients.


We will update this page regularly.

APJ wishes to thank you all for your co-operation in these challenging times.

CORONAVIRUS NOTICE – Update 24th March 2020

As we continue to monitor the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we have put in place a set of measures that will allow us to continue to work with you in a way that suits you while protecting you and our network of suppliers.

Here are the measures we have taken as a business and the support we are putting in place for our clients:

  • The welfare of our staff, clients and partners is our top priority.
  • We are following the latest Government guidelines to help contain the spread of Coronavirus and have a full communications plan in place to support this.
  • As a business, we are proactively considering potential impacts on our daily operations
  • Our members of staff are fully agile, meaning we are still operating business as usual.
  • In-line with Government guidance, we have taken the decision to postpone upcoming events and have started to deliver our services electronically wherever possible.

As at the 23rd March 2020 we closed our offices and enforced homeworking for all employees to limit interaction and encourage social distancing.

Business Continuity

Ensuring the safety of our colleagues and delivery of optimal service to our clients is critical. Our Disaster Recovery Team is still meeting on a daily basis, now remotely, to continue to identify any further steps needed to support our clients and business during these unprecedented times.

We continue to prioritise the well being of our people, clients and other stakeholders whilst protecting our ability to continue supporting clients as a matter of urgency.

We urge all communication be completed electronically, where ever possible. Our postal capabilities, while still operational, are not at 100% and heavily reliant on the Post Office which may cease altogether in due course. Our printing facilties are working at capacity but are dependent upon the Post Officer to maximise their benefit.

If your contact details have changed recently, or you believe we may not have the most up to date information for you: please email us at enquiries@apjco.co.uk stating your name, reference number together with your new details.

We reiterate we remain focused on continuing to provide services to our clients at optimal levels with minimal disruption and will keep you updated with any significant updates or changes in our approach and of course, we wish you, your family, friends and colleagues well during this time.

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We are very conscious that in the current climate we must take extra precautionary measures to look after our clients, visitors and employees.

During this period we have:

  • Limited client meetings in our offices or external visits, using skype or conference calls to conduct meetings;
  • Asked colleagues with a cough or cold to remain at home;
  • Advised all employees to follow the public health guidance on physical hygiene including increased hand washing and use of the hand sanitisers and antiseptic wipes made available to clean equipment, door handles and mobile phones and avoiding close contact such as handshakes;
  • We have provided colleagues with advice on travel and self-isolation and to keep up to date on restricted areas, particularly when they are away, and seeking advice before returning to the office.

Business Continuity

Ensuring that we can continue to service our clients is critical.  We are confident that we have business continuity plans that will enable us to do this in the event we are unable to work from our offices or if we have significant numbers of staff self-isolating. Teams from IT, HR, Finance and Client Development have been meeting on a daily basis to identify steps we needed to take to prioritise the wellbeing of our people, clients and other stakeholders and protecting our ability to continue supporting clients.

In light of the recent emergency laws published, we have taken the additional precaution of closing our offices to the public and you should therefore make contact by way of email or telephone calls, where necessary. We discourage clients from returning documentation by way of post and would ask, where possible, to return documents by way of email.

Our plans include rotating staff between home and office, having a minimum number of senior and support staff able to access the office, and having sufficient resources being able to work remotely.

We would reiterate that we remain focused on continuing to provide services to our clients with minimum disruption, progressing all cases as usual. We will keep you updated with any significant updates or changes in our approach and of course, we wish you, your colleagues, friends and family well during this time.